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Welcome to Dark Alliance.
Iron Citadel|East Coast PvP|20+ hours a week|Vent Recommended

Trust is earned, not given.- Words to live by. At our core, -DA- has been gaming together for the better part of ten years. First in SWG, then CoX, WoW, LoL, and numerous other games. We're a friendly bunch of gamers and while we PvP a lot, there's still plenty of PvE to be had. While we consider ourselves hardcore because of the number of hours we log in a week, we're not one of those guilds that will kick you because you don't want to use the website or log in Vent (though we do strongly recommend Vent, especially for raids and PvP). We're also not one of those guilds who start recruiting only a certain class type, and we're always looking for new people whose personalites mesh well with our own. (We don't like drama. At all) So if you're looking for a chill group to hang out and play SWTOR with, pull up a chair, log onto Vent, and say hi. I promise, we don't bite...

...Much. And yes, we always play the bad guys. Because the Dark Side has cookies!

Things we're currently looking for: 1) Screenshots of Flashpoints, Operations, your characters, and anything else interesting. Follow the instructions on the Archive page to submit them to be posted. 2)Links to good game-related sources, whether it be a fansite or some kind of wiki. Use the thread on the forums to submit links.

Servers Have Been Assigned!

Kray'zee, Dec 12, 11 1:03 PM.
Bioware assigned guilds to their servers today. Ours: Iron Citadel. Win? I think so. Make your opinion known here.

Early Access Update!

Kray'zee, Dec 7, 11 8:12 PM.
Bioware announced today that Early Access will begin on 12/13/2011- a full week before the game launches! How much of that time you get depends on how soon you registered your pre-order code. Bioware also stated that you will receive your Early Access notice by email on the day you gain entry. Game client is available for download NOW. Early access FAQs are here.

Almost There!

Kray'zee, Dec 3, 11 11:24 PM.
Guild's are currently frozen (no adding or kicking members, changing server type, etc.) as Bioware starts to deploy guilds to their servers. We'll find out in a few days which one we'll be on!

Release date announced!

Kray'zee, Sep 24, 11 10:38 AM.
It's official, folks. Bioware announced this morning that SWTOR will release on 12/20/2011, as well as that the monthly fee will be $14.99. More details after the jump. Woohoo!

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